Recover Chromebook

Recover Chromebook: Chrome OS Damaged/Missing, Recovery, & Restore

In the even that your Chromebook is saying that the Chrome OS is missing or damaged, you may "Power Wash" the device to restore its functionality. This process applies to 'Chromebooks Only', this does not apply to 'Cloud Ready' enabled devices. Please follow the instructions below, in the event that your issue persists please submit a ticket for further assistance.

How to 'Power Wash' your Chromebook - please keep in mind that this process will delete any local data that was not saved on your Google Cloud.
  1. Turn off the Chromebook.
  2. Press Esc+Refresh+Power.  
    A yellow exclamation point (!) or "Please insert a recovery USB stick" is displayed.
  3. Press Ctrl+D to begin Developer mode, then press Enter.
  4. Press Space, then press Enter.
    The Chromebook deletes its local data, returning to its initial state. This can take approximately 40 minutes.
In the event that the same screen still comes up please follow recovery procedure: Click Here.

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